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So, you’re thinking about going to school for a culinary degree?

Trained WY interns working together with a professional trainerWe hope you will be able to utilize our website as a tool to learn more about culinary occupations and what sort of training you are able to see at a culinary arts school located in your town.

These types of institutions prepare prospective chefs in the basic principles of cooking, baking, pastry making and effective kitchen operations. A few colleges also teach restaurant management.

While being trained in properly set up kitchens, enrollees learn grill techniques, baking, sauteing, garnishes dessert making, menu planning, food safety practices and basic commercial kitchen management operations.

Traditional class curriculum normally include:

  • Professional cooking
  • Wine and other beverages
  • Baking fundamentals
  • Aspects of international culinary arts
  • Restaurant pastry making
  • Commercial kitchen administration
  • Catering operation management

These schools recognize just how busy young adults can be, so they generally feature manageable course offerings letting enrollees to take part in training courses in the day or evening.

Cheyenne WY cook getting a rest breakMany of these schools also provide to experienced students paid internships at some of the well-respected area restaurants.

During graduation, you can expect job placement counseling to help you get underway in your new career as a professional cook, including ongoing guidance all through your long career.

Look through this short list:

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Maybe you won’t finish a degree in this field. You could get a diploma in a different area.